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Working together for Bellevue

Working together for Bellevue

Let's keep Bellevue livable for us all.

Why we're here

Neighbors for a Livable Bellevue is a group of Bellevue residents and business owners who are concerned about the direction the City staff and Council are taking Bellevue.


The City is currently debating and soliciting feedback on Bike Bellevue, the City’s plan to add 15 miles of bike lanes for $18.6 million, 11 of those miles created by eliminating travel lanes in some of our city’s most dense areas. In most places, it would require removing at least one full driving lane to accommodate the new bike-only lanes. What’s worse, according to the city, this would add just 210 new daily bike trips throughout the project area, and zero of those new trips would be made by people commuting to work.


After significant interest and opposition in Bike Bellevue, and removal of the project manager after an ethics complaint was filed, the City placed Bike Bellevue on hold. The City Council plans to meet on March 25th for a work session on Bike Bellevue to determine how the project should proceed. Go to the “Contact Council” page to send an email to councilmembers voicing your support for a rational bike plan that constructs bike lanes next to driving lanes, not in replacement of them.

You have made a difference on Bike Bellevue!
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